Jessie has been at the ArtWing from the beginning. Her Art Classes are popular with students of all ages. JRY
website: Evolution: All in the Family  
Evogeneao promotes the teaching of evolution by emphasizing its greatest lesson; that life on Earth is one big extended family!   Life’s family genealogy is taught with a unique tree of life diagram, and cousin and removal relationships, which are used with original artwork on posters, tee shirts, cap and mugs.
website: Announcing Dave's new CD Pan's Meadow
website: Dave at ReverbNation
David Scoggin is a jazz pianist and educator, and a recording engineer/producer in all styles of popular music. He has taught Jazz and Rock courses at Southern Oregon University since 1999, has given Jazz Seminars at the International Piano Institute the past three summers, and has been the keyboard faculty at Britt Rock Camp since it began. David also has a deep background in computer music software, having been a developer on the music programs Finale, Overture, StudioVision, and MusicShop.

For David’s ArtWing ‘Arts Instruction’ responsibilities he directed a Rock Band at Walker Elementary school for four years, and for three years has assisted Jenifer Carstensen and Bruce Dresser at AMS, and John Chase at AHS with teaching improvisation skills to their jazz bands. David has also lectured and assisted in the AHS Music Production course. He has adjudicated at the AHS Battle of the Bands and has booked a number of AHS Rock Bands, as well as the AMS Jazz Band, in his Briscoe Studio and at the MidSummer’s Dream Art and Music Festival. Several AHS students have served as David’s Recording Assistant intern and have used it for their Senior Project.

David is open to suggestions on how Ashland public school teachers can use his skills. He currently has one pro bono AHS jazz piano student who is exceptionally gifted but can’t pay for lessons.
David is particularly willing to:
- Work with groups of teenagers on jazz improvisation, on all instruments.
- Work with groups of teenagers on all aspects of modern, computer based recording including songwriting, arranging, sound synthesis, MIDI, miking, editing, mixing, and burning CDs.
- Take on an individual student as a Recording Assistant intern to be used as a Senior Project.
website: Hat People
website: Hat Garden
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Jim ~ After leaving the U of O at Eugene I moved into the wilderness of the Siskiyou National Forest on Silver Creek. I lived alone there as an artist/painter, for 6 years, until I met Carol. Carol & I continued living at Silver Creek for 8 more years, when we moved to our present home, the Hat Ranch, in the foothills above Talent. Our son, Jacob, was 6 & ready for more kids! We founded Hat People in 1978, while still at Silver Creek, making 2013 our 35th year as Hat People.

When working with students I constantly remind myself that I am a guide in the creative process. Most students have no problem with envisioning what they wish to create, the challenge is in providing the raw materials, tools, & encouragement that allows that vision to be made real. I find myself in a constant dance between technical adviser, cleanup crew, & gofer. It's a high calling.
Elena promised (kind of) a haiku for this spot, but if she changes her mind, that's okay. She is a true renaissance women and we are so happy to have her helping with the administration of the ArtWing. JRY
website: Ashland School of Crafts
About Lisa:  A third generation dressmaker and tailor, who made her first apron at age six, Lisa has 53 years of experience exploring her creative nature. Some of her accomplishments include building stained glass windows for Rogue Glass in the Bay Area, cooking for Chez Panisse in Berkeley and close to two decades theatrical costuming for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and theatres in New York, Chicago, Houston and Portland. For the last five years Lisa has been working with two hula halau’s (schools) in Ashland and Eugene, designing and producing hula regalia as well as designing and creating custom wedding gowns.  She discovered her passion for sharing her knowledge while teaching block printing workshops, and has been enthusiastically helping others learn and hone their skills ever since.

To sign up for classes, contact Lisa Rand at or call 541-292-2653

Carrie is an upholsterer of unsurpassed brilliance. She's also great at organizing the classes we host for the Ashland School District Educational Exchange. JRY
Luciene will be in Brazil until sometime in March. Need I say more? JRY
Roze is in Hawaii until sometime in April! There are still a few of us left! JRY