Ashland School District Educational Exchange ~ 2013 Calendar

This year we have set aside 4 days to host students from Ashland Schools for::::> "Let's Make a Valentine" ::::>

Mixed Media Valentines is the Name of the Game
There will be cloth, paper, sticks, stamps, glue, pictures, paints, googley eyes, paper doilies, if you can think of something, bring it.
There will be at least 2 additional activities, but students will be allowed to stay at the Valentines table if they wish.

"Let's Make a Valentine"
has already been filled. However::::>
There will be opportunities for the Community to make Valentines when class is not in session.

"Let's Make a Valentine" will be open to the Community:

Saturday::::> February 9th from 11 am to 4 pm
Sunday::::> February 10th from 11 am to 4 pm
Wednesday::::> February 13th from 4 to 8 pm

The event will be a fundraiser for the ArtWing $6 - $10 sliding scale.
All ages are welcome, kids under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
If you have raw materials for the Valentine Table please drop them by the ArtWing.

The Briscoe Geology Park will be the focus for March.
We'll look at the ages of Planet Earth and allow what we learn to inspire our creativity.
We plan to make mural painting part of our exploration.
If you wish to bring your class or wish to focus on a particular epoch, please email your request.
Times to be announced.

In April we will be available for projects based in your classroom.

We're thinking of a Latin theme, perhaps something around Cinco de Mayo.