Working Together to Create a Clean, Healthy, and Peaceful Environment
ArtWing jobs can be anything from weekly jobs, like sweeping the front entryway, to monthly jobs, like collecting rent, to yearly jobs, like reporting school instructional hours. To keep the ArtWing functioning smoothly we attempt to split these duties between ourselves equitably. Each room is expected to contribute 4 hours per month (one hour per week) to the completion of job assignments. The job list is available in room 4, at the manager’s desk.

In addition to our regular jobs it is important that each ArtWing Resident pitch in, if you can, when you see something that needs attention.

Ashland School District Exchange
Each room’s yearly teaching obligation is 45 hours, paid at $36 per hour, and representing a portion of the monthly rent valued at $135. Residents are allowed to give or trade their excess hours with roommates, but not with residents in other rooms. Residents who do not complete their teaching exchange are required to pay for the hours they didn’t complete at the rate of $36 an hour. Our reporting period starts June 1 and ends May 31, coinciding with the beginning of summer vacation and the end of the school year. Teaching hours are best fulfilled while school is in session. Residents who stay less than a year will have their obligation prorated and based on the fraction of the room they occupied. We both visit classrooms in the District and host students at the ArtWing in teams. Some residents have their own relationships with school district teachers, setting up their own instructional hours. If you are inexperienced in dealing with the Ashland School District you can find a place in projects organized by other ArtWing residents.